Theater: War Horse – National Tour

Opened: June 5, 2012

Book by: Michael Morpurgo & Nick Stafford

National Tour Cast: Michael Stewart Allen, Danny Beiruti, Laurabeth Breya, Brian Robert Burns, Jason Alan Carvell, Todd Cerveris, Michael Wyatt Cox, Grayson DeJesus, Catherine Gowl, Aaron Haskell, Jon Hoche, Mat Hostetler, Chad Jennings, Brian Keane, Nathan Koci, Jessica Krueger, Nick LaMedica, Rob Laqui, Megan Loomis, Jason Loughlin, Christopher Mai, Gregory Manley, Andrew May, John Milosich, Alex Morf, Patrick Osteen, Angela Reed, Jon Riddleberger, Latvia Shaurice, Derek Stratton, Andy Truschinski, Andrew Veenstra & Danny Yoerges

With incredible puppetry, this otherwise slow production has its moments to wow audiences.

English teenager Albert (Andrew Veenstra) is in love with his half-thoroughbred horse Joey. When his family has to sell Joey to the cavalry during World War I, Albert longs for news of his horse. They reunite years later after Joey has been through many adventures.

The way that Joey is brought to life on stage is absolutely incredible. Many different actors portray him over the course of the show with different puppets being used as the horse grows in size. The transition from foal to adult is one of the greatest moments I’ve seen on stage. You’ll hear yourself and the rest of the audience gasp.

Joey overpowers every other aspect of the otherwise forgetful show.

Final say: Just see it for the horse. ★★☆☆

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