Book: Crazy Rich Asians

Book One of the Crazy Rich Asians series

Originally Published: June 11, 2013

By: Kevin Kwan

There are few books that contain as much glitz and glamour while entertaining and educating the reader.

New Yorker Rachel Chu accompanies her boyfriend Nick Young to Singapore for a summer where he’s going to best man at a friend’s wedding. While she looks forward to meeting his family and friends, she doesn’t realize he’s crazy rich. Now she has to comprehend all the money, while being the target of malicious rumors.

What I love about author Kevin Kwan’s writing is that he incorporates so much of the Asian culture and language in the book with footnotes in tow to explain what’s happening.

The novel is fun and has exciting moments at every turn. Each character’s storyline brings an intriguing twist to the book making it feel like an upscale soap opera.

Final say: Crazy entertaining. ★★★★☆

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