Book: Their Finest Hour and a Half

Originally Published: March 20, 2009

By: Lissa Evans

A historical novel with a bit of film flair, Their Finest Hour and a Half gives readers a look at what London was like during World War II.

Writer Catrin Cole gets pulled into propaganda filmmaking when women’s dialogue needs to be written and the Ministry of Information – Film Division likes her work. Soon, she’s helping make a film about the two sisters who helped with the rescue effort at Dunkirk.

While an interesting plot, the details of the book fail to make it a good read. There are too many times when someone’s storyline is getting interesting that the chapter ends and the point of view shifts. Catrin is perhaps the most interesting character but gets sidelined far too often.

The love story in the novel won’t have you rooting for anyone and is as dull as can be, while the main actor in the film is a pompous old man who doesn’t realize he’s not the star he once was.

Final say: Not the finest story. ★★☆☆☆

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