Music: Merry Christmas

Released: November 1, 1994

By: Mariah Carey

A new standard when it comes to Christmas music, Mariah Carey never sounds better than she does during the holidays.

For me, the Christmas season has to start with “All I Want for Christmas is You.” It’s the best holiday song to be released in the past 25 years and while many people try to cover it, her original rendition can’t be beat.

Throughout the album, you’ll feel like you’re in church with Carey as she leads the choir. However, there are many times where she does her usual vocal acrobats and it becomes more about her than the music. You won’t be able to sing along to.

The other song that Carey really shines on is “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” Originally done by rock singer Darlene Love, Carey brings powerful tempo.

Final say: Carey brings the house down. ★★★★☆

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