Theater: Once – National Tour

Opened: October 1, 2013

Book by: Enda Walsh

Music & Lyrics by: Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová

National Tour Cast: Raymond Bokhour, Dani De Waal, Matt DeAngelis, John Steven Gardner, Donna Garner, Evan Harrington, Ryan Link, Benjamin Magnuson, Alex Nee, Erica Swindell, Kolette Tetlow, Stuart Ward & Claire Wellin

When musical theater challenges the conventions of stage limitations, they create unforgettable experiences. Once is that show.

An Irish guy (Stuart Ward) meets a Czech girl (Dani de Waal), they begin to change each other’s life. She believes his music needs to be heard and together they create a band and begin to record his music.

Before the show even begins, you are enveloped in the energy. The entire show takes place on the set of an Irish bar, which is a working bar for audience members pre-show. The cast, who plays all the instruments in the show, come out on stage and play a jig before as well.

It’s a beautiful story that ends the way most Irish shows do – it’s not too happy – but it gives you a real life tale.

Final say: An amazing experience. ★★★★★

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