Book: A Monster Calls

Originally Published: May 5, 2011

By: Patrick Ness

In this novel by Patrick Ness based on an idea by Siobhan Dowd – who passed away before she could write it – a young boy learns to come to terms with death.

Conor O’Malley lives only with his mother who is undergoing chemotherapy for a terminal cancer. He starts to meet a monster at night – always at 12:07 a.m. – that takes form from a yew tree. While dealing with his grandmother and father, Conor gets guidance from the monster about how to cope with his mother’s illness.

This book will have you in tears. It’s powerful and beautifully written, treating the characters with incredible care.

The monster tells Conor four stories throughout the novel and each one helps Conor in different ways. These stories allow for readers to really immerse themselves in the work.

Final say: Make sure you have tissues. ★★★★★

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