Music: The ABBA Generation

Released: May 11, 2000

By: A-Teens

If you grew up in the early 2000s, this album was almost certainly one of your go-to jams.

Before Mamma Mia brought ABBA to the modern generation, there was A-Teens – a group of Swedish teens formed as an ABBA tribute band. Their album consisted of some of ABBA’s greatest hits in which all but one can be found in the musical based on their songs.

While some of the greatest hits, this album takes and reinvents them. On some of the tracks it works. “Dancing Queen” is just as great of a hit from A-Teens as it was from ABBA.

Some of the other songs have become a bit auto-tuned and sped-up. “Mamma Mia” goes about a mile a minute, while “SOS” loses any emotion it had.

Final say: A fun alternative to the ABBA – or Mamma Mia – we know. ★★★☆☆

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