Theater: Rent – 20th Anniversary Tour

Opened: September 12, 2016

Book, Music & Lyrics by: Jonathan Larson

National Tour Cast: Logan Farine, Sammy Ferber, Josh Walker, Marcus John, Jasmine Easler, Aaron Alcaraz, Destiny Diamond, Lyndie Moe, Yael Reich, Devinré Adams, Alana Cauthen, Jordan Dunn-Pilz, Jordan Long, Devin J. Hall & Chrissy Naruo

With the energy and power of the original show, Rent celebrated its 20th anniversary by heading out on the road again.

The musical follows the lives of a group of friends who live in alphabet city in New York. It’s the late 1980s and the AIDS epidemic is in full force. Four of the main eight are infected with the disease and struggling to survive. The others are struggling in their art and watching the awful things happening to their friends.

While both Logan Farine and Destiny Diamond (who play Roger and Mimi, respectively) took a bit of time to really grab me, the whole cast killed it in the second act. The standout of the show was Lyndie Moe (playing Maureen) from her first solo of “Over the Moon.”

Final say: A joy that will bring the tears. ★★★★☆

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