Theater: The Lion King

Opened: November 13, 1997

Book by: Irene Mecchi & Roger Allers

Music by: Elton John

Lyrics by: Tim Rice

Original Broadway Cast: John Vickery, Samuel E. Wright, Geoff Hoyle, Tsidii Le Loka, Max Casella, Tom Alan Robbins, Jason Raize, Heather Headley, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Tracy Nicole Chapman, Kevin Cahoon, Scott Irby-Ranniar, Kajuna Shuford, Eugene Barry-Hill, Gina Breedlove, Camille M. Brown, Iresol Cardona, Mark Allan Davis, Ntomb’khona Dlamini, Sheila Gibbs, Lana Gordon, Lindiwe Hlengwa, Timothy Hunter, Christopher Jackson, Vanessa A. Jones, Michael Joy, Faca Kulu, Ron Kunene, Aubrey Lynch II, Philip Dorian McAdoo, Sam McKelton, Lebo M, Nandi Morake, Karine Plantadit, Levensky Smith, Ashi K. Smythe, Endalyn Taylor-Shellman & Christine Yasunaga

Never has an animated film felt so alive on stage.

Based on Disney’s 1994 hit, The Lion King follows Simba (Scott Irby-Ranniar as a child, Jason Raize as an adult) as he learns about taking over as king of Pride Rock. When Simba’s Uncle Scar (John Vickery) kills Simba’s father Mufasa (Samuel E. Wright), Simba flees thinking it’s all his fault.

The costumes in this film are absolutely incredible. The animals of the Sahara are all created with masks and puppets. The human actors are not hidden and their presence makes the characters emotions shine through.

All of the great music and action from the film is included with additional songs brining new fun and energy. “He Lives In You” from Act I and reprised in Act II is magical and adds to the connection Simba has to the throne.

Final say: One of the best Broadway shows ever. ★★★★★

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