Book: Ready Player One

Originally Published: August 16, 2011

By: Ernest Cline

I should start off by saying that I’ve never been overly into video games. However, this book still had an awesome adventure.

A hunt is left inside an immersive video game system – the Oasis – in which the winner will receive a vast fortune and full control of the system. Years after the start, Wade Watts is the first to find an egg.

The book starts with a ton of backstory and it takes around 70 pages for anything to start happening. Every time part of the hunt happens, it’s great action, but the in betweens really slow the book. 

However, the third act of the novel – a full out war between an evil corporation and Wade with his friends makes up for everything that felt too long. 

Final say: Amazing for gamers, but still fun for others. ★★★★☆

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