Book: Frankenstein

Originally Published: January 1, 1818

By: Mary Shelley

Frankenstein’s monster has been a pop culture icon around Halloween for centuries, but I figured I’d go back to the source material.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein figures out how to create life himself, but is disgusted by the monster he has created. He abandons the monster until the monster starts killing people Frankenstein loves. The monster asks Frankenstein for a companion and then he would disappear, but Frankenstein cannot comply.

It takes a special author to make you question who is the monster and who is the man in their novel, but Shelley does it. I don’t think I ever realized how awful Frankenstein was to the monster, but most of the murders could have been avoided if he had just upheld his promise. Personally, I find the doctor hard to sympathize with.

Final say: Tough language, but a thought-provoking read. ★★★☆☆

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