Theater: Legally Blonde – Muny Revival

Opened: July 25, 2022

Book by: Heather Hach

Music & Lyrics by: Laurence O’Keefe & Nell Benjamin

Muny Revival Cast: Kyla Stone, Fergie L. Phillipe, Patti Murin, Sean Alan Krill, Hayley Podschun, Kelsey Anne Brown, Gabi Campo, Kerri George, Khailah Johnson, Olivia Kaufmann, Dan Tracy, Angela Birchett, Christopher De’Shawn Tipps, Shea Coffman, Ben Nordstrom, Andrés Acosta, Liam Pearce, Adelina Mitchell, Gabriel Reyes, Cristina Sastre, Abigail Isom, Veronica Sofia Burt, Emily Madigan, UJ Mangune, Gregory Lee Rodriguez, Dave Schoonover, Mackenzie Bell, Alora Tonielle Martinez & Taylor Marie Daniel

Though its casting decisions allow for deeper meaning, the Muny’s production of Legally Blonde suffers from awkward staging and lack of chemistry.

After being told that Warner (Dan Tracy) needs someone more serious to be the love of his life, Elle Woods (Kyla Stone) gets into Harvard Law School. She needs help from Emmett (Fergie L. Phillipe) to prove herself.

Having Elle and Emmett as characters needing to prove themselves played by black actors amongst a largely white cast adds a racial layer that brings Legally Blonde into a more modern sphere.

The Muny is famous for their short rehearsal times and you can tell a lot of that was placed on the dance numbers because the transitions are weird and there are pacing problems between lines that could be easy fixes.

Final say: It could be so much better. ★★☆☆☆

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