Music: Renaissance

Released: July 29, 2022

By: Beyoncé

On her first studio album in six years, Beyoncé brings a completely different sound that’s a tribute to the club era and its marginalized performers. Through the production, she creates an entire experience that effortlessly flows from start to finish resulting not just in one of her best albums but in one of the best albums of all-time.

The first spark of genius is bringing the upbeat “Cuff It” so early into the album. The few songs that precede it have a slower energy with lower vocals, but “Cuff It” is almost four minutes of pure fun with Beyoncé’s soaring voice.

Not only are there songs that could easily be vogued to in balls, but Beyoncé acknowledges club artists like the featured Grace Jones and Big Freedia, and the Donna Summer-inspired “Summer Renaissance.”

Final say: Best album of 2022. ★★★★★

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