TV: Gaslit – Season 1

Premiered: April 24, 2022

On: Starz

Starring: Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Dan Stevens, Betty Gilpin, Shea Whigham, Darby Camp, Allison Tolman, J.C. Mackenzie, Chris Bauer, Chris Messina, Carlos Valdes, Hamish Linklater, John Carroll Lynch, Jordi Caballero, Oscar Torre, Jeff Doucette, Patton Oswalt, Nat Faxon, Martha Kelly, Erinn Hayes, Patrick Walker, Raphael Sbarge, Keisuke Hoashi, Anne Dudek, Chris Conner, Brian Geraghty, Nelson Franklin, Reed Diamond, John Ventimiglia, Jim Meskimen, Johnny Berchtold, Adam Ray, Kat Foster, Billy Smith, Asha Kamali & Aleksandar Filimonović

While you’ll definitely be wondering how much of the storyline is true and how much is exaggerated for good television, Gaslit is a great thriller that’s based on one of the biggest political scandals of all-time: Watergate.

As Richard Nixon’s re-election campaign is underway, his Attorney General John Mitchell (a prosthetics-covered Sean Penn) and Jeb Magruder (Hamish Linklater) convince attorney John Dean (Dan Stevens) to help them with a project in spying on the Democratic party. Mitchell’s wife Martha (Julia Roberts) doesn’t hesitate to share her political thoughts with the American public.

Roberts, with her signature smile, leads an incredible cast. Amongst the best are Betty Gilpin as Dean’s strong wife Mo and Shea Whigham as the over-the-top eccentric G. Gordon Liddy. Though Liddy’s scenes seem unrealistic, Whigham fully commits.

Final say: Watergate has never looked so good.

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