Music: …Baby One More Time

Released: January 12, 1999

By: Britney Spears

With the first three tracks being amongst the greatest pop songs of all-time, …Baby One More Time cements Britney Spears as a pop princess with a debut album that’s hard to rival.

Starting off the album is the Max Martin-penned title track “…Baby One More Time.” Not only does Spears provide a brilliant signature sound with her distinctive voice, but the lyrics capture your attention instantly. It’s followed by the even better dance hit “(You Drive Me) Crazy” and the slower, romantic “Sometimes.” Both songs are instant hits that you’ll have on your playlist forever.

After those first three songs, there aren’t many that are overly memorable. In fact, “E-mail My Heart” is corny and out of date. But the album continually flows well and shows why Spears has staying power.

Final say: You’ll keep playing it one more time. ★★★★☆

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