Book: Heartstopper, Vol. 3

Third book of the Heartstopper series

Originally Published: February 6, 2020

By: Alice Oseman

In the third outing of Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper series, Nick and Charlie’s relationship gets a deeper dive with issues of being out about their romance and Charlie’s struggles with stress.

After coming out to his mom, Nick is ready for his friends to know that he’s bi and in a relationship with Charlie. A school trip to Paris allows them to have alone time with friends to figure out the best way out of the closet without gaining unwanted attention.

It’s a brilliant decision on Oseman’s part to change the setting of this third book. By allowing Nick and Charlie to be in a different space with a bit more freedom, they’re able to discover more. Though the two are still lovably awkward, they’re able to confront things without major distractions.

Final say: Paris is indeed the city of love. ★★★★★

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