Theater: Clyde’s

Opened: November 23, 2021

Book by: Lynn Nottage

Original Broadway Cast: Uzo Aduba, Ron Cephas Jones, Edmund Donovan, Reza Salazar & Kara Young

By showing the hope and drive people can have even when someone puts them in a box, Lynn Nottage creates a hilarious, fast-paced play with Clyde’s.

Clyde (Uzo Aduba) owns a sandwich shop off the highway for truckers and employs former convicts. Though she keeps them under a tight grip, cooks Jason (Edmund Donovan), Rafael (Reza Salazar) and Letitia (Kara Young) work with Montrellus (Ron Cephas Jones) to create the perfect sandwich.

Even though Aduba is a force of nature and commands stage presence, the story is more about Jason, Rafael and Letitia with each actor creating a dynamic energy.

Between Nottage’s writing and the show’s staging, the audience is fully entranced by the spectacle. In addition to the spoken humor, there’s a ton of physical humor that’s fantastic to watch.

Final say: Exciting from start to finish. ★★★★★

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