Book: Three Wishes

Originally Published: January 1, 2003

By: Liane Moriarty

In her debut novel, author Liane Moriarty showcases her flair for distinct characters, comedy and drama that will instantly hook readers.

Cat, Gemma and Lyn Kettle are triplets about to turn 34. At different points in their lives, problems come in many kinds. Cat finds out her husband Dan has cheated on her, Gemma is experiencing love for the first time since the death of her fiancé and Lyn is handling her young daughter Maddie and her teenage stepdaughter Kara.

The book is told in three clear first person perspectives from the Kettle triplets, while transitions are added from points of view outside of the main characters.

Twists happen when you least expect them and whenever you feel the story can’t get crazier, Moriarty finds a way to keep you on your toes.

Final say: Your wishes are granted. ★★★★★

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