TV: Julie and Carol at Lincoln Center

Premiered: December 7, 1971


Starring: Julie Andrews & Carol Burnett

Triple-threat talents Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett reunite nine years after their original variety special for a second one at Lincoln Center.

Since their previous special, Andrews had become a box office favorite with Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, while Burnett was into the fourth year of her groundbreaking show, The Carol Burnett Show. Both poke fun at not knowing about the other’s success during their opening act, but each are clearly supportive as it continues.

This special improves upon the last where less guests are featured allowing the two to share the spotlight most of the time. In this one, they share an uninterrupted 14-minute “Medley of the 60’s” and while many songs may be unfamiliar today, it’s fun to hear these legends singing the likes of The Beatles and Dionne Warwick.

Final say: Classic pairing. ★★★★★

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