TV: Elder Millennial

Premiered: July 24, 2018

On: Netflix

Starring: Iliza Shlesinger

In her fourth comedy special on Netflix, Iliza Shlesinger is bringing a lot to the table that she doesn’t mind addressing about millennials.

Recently engaged, Schlesinger speaks about how dating as a millennial looks with the online world of social apps. She doesn’t sugarcoat the hard road to finding a partner, especially when you’re a woman looking for a man. She hilariously points out male flaws and how women don’t let their men see them.

What’s truly great about Schlesinger is her ability to raise women of all body types up. She recognizes that her jokes aren’t always inclusive and recognizes that, while also telling women that they are perfect the way they are. It may sound like self-help, but just wait until she throws her quirky brand of humor into it.

Final say: Getting old doesn’t look too bad. ★★★★☆

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