Film: All My Life

Opened: December 4, 2020

Directed by: Marc Meyers

Starring: Jessica Rothe, Harry Shum Jr., Kyle Allen, Chrissie Fit, Jay Pharoah, Marielle Scott, Molly Hagan, Keala Settle, Michael Masini, Greg Vrostsos, Ever Carradine, Mario Cantone, Josh Brener, Anjali Bhimani, Jon Rudnitsky & Dan Butler

Though the storyline may fall into a romantic-dramedy cliché, All My Life’s beautifully tragic real-life story is one not to be missed.

Jenn Carter (Jessica Rothe) and Sol Chau (Harry Shum Jr.) meet at a sports bar, and instantly hit it off. Shortly after he proposes to Jenn, Sol is diagnosed with liver cancer. As his cancer progresses, Sol and Jenn decide how to proceed with their wedding and future.

Rothe and Shum have instant chemistry that can be felt in every part of the film, whether it’s happier or sad times. They play well off each other and build each other up.

Due to its 91-minute runtime, there are parts of the story that feel rushed, but it’s framed well so the viewers get glimpses of the downs but remain focused on the ups.

Final say: Now or never. ★★★★☆

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