TV: 7 Days in Hell

Premiered: July 11, 2015


Starring: Andy Samberg, Kit Harington, Mary Steenburgen, Karen Gillan, Lena Dunham, Will Forte, June Squibb, Michael Sheen, Fred Armisen, Howie Mandel, Jon Hamm, Lyssa Roberts, Chris Romano, David Copperfield, Chris Evert, Filip Hammar, Jim Lampley, Dolph Lundgren, John McEnroe, Soledad O’Brien & Serena Williams

A tennis mockumentary inspired by a 2010 match at Wimbledon, 7 Days in Hell is pure unadulterated humor. It’s what’s expected of former Saturday Night Live cast member Andy Samberg but is a nice turn for Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington.

Tennis prodigy Charles Poole (Harington) is facing off with former star player Aaron Williams (Samberg) at Wimbledon. Their match becomes the longest in history lasting seven days before its end.

Everything in this is overexaggerated. With strong sexual content and language, this isn’t something for the family. Samberg has always been over-the-top and raunchy, and this is exactly what we get.

The ending is unexpected, and the cast is full of famous faces that manage deliver their humor – making this an exciting television film from start to finish.

Final say: If this is Hell, I want to be there. ★★★★☆

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