Book: Clap When You Land

Originally Published: May 5, 2020

By: Elizabeth Acevedo

Beautifully written in verse and intertwining Spanish phrases with the English language, Clap When You Land is a gripping tale of loss, discovery and forgiveness.

Camino Rios is meeting her father at the airport in the Dominican Republic when she learns that his plane has crashed. In New York, Yahaira Rios finds out about her father’s death while in school. Soon, the two sisters discover each other.

Acevedo writes fluently in the voice of both the American and the Dominican girls. Their pain of losing their father – whom they both looked up to – and learning of his secrets is both devastating and eye-opening. Using verse instead of prose really accentuates their inner feelings.

Blending different cultures and showing representation of race, language and sexuality allows the reader to identify on multiple levels.

Final say: Clap when you finish. ★★★★★

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