TV: Peaky Blinders – Season 3

Premiered: May 5, 2016

On: BBC Two

Starring: Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, Annabelle Wallis, Sophie Rundle, Joe Cole, Ned Dennehy, Benjamin Zephaniah, Tom Hardy, Finn Cole, Natasha O’Keeffe, Packy Lee, Paddy Considine, Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Alexander Siddig, Gaite Jansen, Jan Bijvoet, Dina Korzun, Kate Phillips, Ian Peck, Harry Kirton, George Gwyther, Jordan Bolger, Tony Pitts, Stephanie Hyam, Kenneth Colley, Bríd Brennan, Frances Tomelty, Richard Brake, Alex Macqueen, Ralph Ineson, Peter Bankole, Richard Dillane, Dominic Coleman, Wendy Nottingham & Billy Marwood

In the third season of Peaky Blinders, the stakes are raised and in doing so, the character development goes through the roof making this the best season yet.

After Tommy (Cillian Murphy) and Grace (Annabelle Wallis) marry, the Shelbys expand their business internationally. Tommy is roped into working with the corrupt priest Father John Hughes (Paddy Considine) and utilizes help from the Russians, led by Grand Duchess Tatiana Petrovna (Gaite Jansen).

Paul Anderson expertly shows the physical strain Arthur has in choosing between family and faith with his new wife Linda (Kate Phillips). Michael (Finn Cole) starts off responsible but has something crack inside of him and it’s intriguing to watch him switch sides.

There are many twists and turns, and you won’t want to take your eyes off the screen.

Final say: Getting even better with age. ★★★★★

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