Theater: Little Shop of Horrors – Pasadena Playhouse

Opened: September 17, 2019

Book & Lyrics by: Howard Ashman

Music by: Alan Menken

Original Pasadena Playhouse Cast: George Salazar, Mj Rodriguez, Amber Riley, Kevin Chamberlin, Matthew Wilkas, Brittany Campbell, Tickwanya Jones, Cheyenne Isabel Wells, Tyler Bremer, Kelsey Kato, Tim Kopacz, Sarah Kay Peters & Paul Turbiak

With a diverse cast, this production of Little Shop of Horrors breathes new life into the beloved cult classic.

Seymour (George Salazar) finds an unusual plant – Audrey II (Amber Riley) – and is convinced by Audrey (Mj Rodriguez) to have their boss Mr. Mushnik (Kevin Chamberlin) show it in the window of their floral shop. After Audrey II starts to wilt, Seymour realizes the only thing to make it grow is human blood.

Little Shop has always been over-the-top and wacky, but that’s what makes it so fun. The songs are memorable and the show has aged well.

Rodriguez beautifully portrays Audrey and is the first trans woman of color to do so in a major production, while Riley’s powerful vocals are a rarer case of a female voice for Audrey II.

Final say: Campy but full of heart. ★★★★☆

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