TV: Blue Mountain State – Season 1

Premiered: January 11, 2010

On: Spike TV

Starring: Darin Brooks, Alan Ritchson, Sam Jones III, Chris Romano, Gabrielle Dennis, Ed Marinaro, Omari Newton, Kwasi Songui, Rob Ramsay, James Cade, Stephen Amell, Chantal Quesnelle & Meghan Heffern

Blue Mountain State begs the question: if you know you’re promoting toxic masculinity and the dehumanization of females, does that make you any better?

Alex Moran (Darin Brooks) is the second-string quarterback starting his freshman year at Blue Mountain State. He befriends running back Craig Shilo (Sam Jones III), but has to put up with linebacker and team captain Thad (Alan Ritchson).

Ritchson plays Thad so over-the-top and unbelievable as a human being that you can’t help but laugh every time – making him the show’s saving grace.

However, the issue comes in with playing up the comedy about guys who only drink, party and treat women as objects. In a world that has now seen the #MeToo era and prefers to see men with rational, emotional sides, this show seems out of touch.

Final say: Missed the touchdown. ★★☆☆☆

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