Music: The Good & the Bad

Released: October 25, 2019

By: Anthony Ramos

Hamilton star Anthony Ramos mixes his familiar hip-hop and rap sound with pure pop on The Good & the Bad, which focuses on various parts of his life.

What’s so important about this album is Ramos’ ability to speak about his journey, especially some of the pain and loneliness he’s felt along the way. It’s the total opposite of the toxic masculinity that permeates our culture and speaks from his heart. “Figure It Out” talks about embodying the tough experiences, while “Auntie’s Basement” focuses on family over fame.

Another great representation comes in the song “Woman,” in which he speaks about wanting to love a girl the way only a woman can. He admits his faults and apologizes and by the end, he’s speaking in his native Spanish tongue.

Final say: It’s all good with a strong voice like his. ★★★★★

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