Music: Animal

Released: January 1, 2010

By: Kesha

Over 10 years after its release, Animal is still one of the most fun albums to unwind to. While Kesha was criticized for this being immature, it’s refreshing to have a female singer as unapologetically reckless with partying and drinking as she is – if a man had released this, no one would’ve questioned it.

Long before TikTok became a popular app, her “Tik Tok” was one of 2009’s most popular songs and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who was a teenager at the time that doesn’t know every lyric still.

Kesha uses autotune to her advantage on songs like “Your Love Is My Drug” and “Take It Off.” But you can definitely still hear the strength of her voice, especially on the dance-infused tragic song “Dancing with Tears in My Eyes.”

Final say: Work hard, party harder. ★★★★☆

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