Music: Breakaway

Released: November 30, 2004

By: Kelly Clarkson

About a year and a half after the American Idol winner released her first album, Kelly Clarkson’s sophomore effort strays more into a pop-rock sound allowing her to solidify her place in the music industry apart from the show that made her famous.

This album is full of hits, including the titular song, the pop heavy “Walk Away” and what has become one of the best breakup anthems ever, “Since U Been Gone.” Over 16 years after the song’s release and people still know every lyric – see Pitch Perfect.

But she’s also able to show deep emotion. Clarkson had already been outspoken about the lack of support from her father and “Because of You” is a heartbreaking song about their relationship. It helps shows her range as an artist.

Final say: Addicted to this album since its release. ★★★★☆

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