Book: Big Magic

Originally Published: September 22, 2015

By: Elizabeth Gilbert

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert encourages readers to be unapologetically creative with their life. While much of what she says plays into the lives of people with more creatively driven professions, there’s a bit of magic for everyone.

One of her theories that stands out most is that of people embracing their genius. There’ll be times in anyone’s life that a spark comes that drives them toward something – creating their own business, writing a book, doing some motivational speeches, etc. – and when that comes, you have to take hold of it and run with it. Having that realization of your genius not staying around forever is something that many will realize they’ve shunned in the past and lost that edge.

In order to get something out of this, you have to be willing to open up.

Final say: Definitely magic. ★★★★☆

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