Film: Balto

Opened: December 22, 1995

Directed by: Simon Wells

Starring: Kevin Bacon, Bob Hoskins, Bridget Fonda, Juliette Brewer, Miriam Margolyes, Jim Cummings, Phil Collins, Jack Angel, Danny Mann, Robbie Rist & Sandra Dickinson

Based on the true story of the dog who helped save the lives of many children, Balto is one of those rare non-Disney animated films that you’ll add to your classics list.

When children in the town of Nome, Alaska fall ill to diphtheria, a group of sled dogs is put together for a serum run. Balto (Kevin Bacon) wants to help lead the charge but is ostracized by others in town for being part-wolf.

While it does follow the true story, there are a lot of liberties taken here in the storyline and as an adult you realize that there’s no way sequences could have happened.

Despite this, Balto has fantastic animation and likeable characters. There’s a good mixture of comedy and drama making it a film both kids and adults will enjoy watching.

Final say: An exciting adventure. ★★★★☆

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