Film: Boy Erased

Opened: November 2, 2018

Directed by: Joel Edgerton

Starring: Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Joel Edgerton, Joe Alwyn, Xavier Dolan, Troye Sivan, Britton Sear, Théodore Pellerin, Cherry Jones & Flea

Focusing on a problem that seems like it should be part of the past, the sad reality is that gay conversion therapy programs are still legal in more than half of the United States.

Based on the true story of Garrard Conley, Jared Eamons (Lucas Hedges) is sent to the Love In Action gay conversion therapy program after he admits to his parents Preacher Marshall (Russell Crowe) and Nancy (Nicole Kidman) that he has thoughts about men.

The activities that take place at Love In Action are disgusting and are shown in their hideous forms. You’ll cringe at what Jared goes through, but will be broken further by Cameron (Britton Sear).

Nancy’s character development and her love for her son make for a heart-wrenching relationship that is perfectly acted by Kidman and Hedges.

Final say: You’ll constantly be in disbelief. ★★★★★

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