Film: Weekend

Opened: September 23, 2011

Directed by: Andrew Haigh

Starring: Tom Cullen & Chris New

An incredible character study from start to finish, Weekend is a refreshing LGBTQIA+ film that immediately moves past apprehension and straight to real conversations.

After a night with his friends, Russell (Tom Cullen) goes to a gay bar and picks up Glen (Chris New) for what is meant to be a one-night stand. They immediately connect but have a hurdle in their way as Glen is about to move to America.

Cullen and New have strong and playful connection right from the start. The viewer will feel like they’re intruding on the relationship as a fly on the wall.

Russell and Glen connect and have real conversations about being gay in today’s society, including the struggle and shame gay men feel even after they come out to their family and friends.

Final say: Wish this weekend would last forever. ★★★★★

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