Film: Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Opened: May 10, 2019

Directed by: Rob Letterman

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, Suki Waterhouse, Omar Chaparro, Chris Geere, Ken Watanabe, Rita Ora, Karan Soni, Ikue Ōtani & Bill Nighy

As Pokémon’s first live-action film, a fun buddy-cop storyline and incredible animation bring Detective Pikachu to life.

When Tim Goodman’s (Justice Smith) detective father dies, he teams up with his Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) partner to find out what happened. Strangely, Tim can understand Pikachu perfectly.

This film will bring together new and old fans of the Pokémon series with its plot that doesn’t require you to have prior knowledge. There are a ton of recognizable characters who show up including the cute Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle to the powerful Mewtwo and Gyarados.

While the story follows a predictive plot and feels like other teen detective movies, you’ll still enjoy this. Smith and Reynolds particularly are fun to watch with Smith being underprepared and Reynolds using his sarcastic humor throughout.

Final say: You’ll want to catch this one. ★★★★☆

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