Film: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Opened: December 20, 1954

Directed by: Stanley Donen

Starring: Howard Keel, Jane Powell, Jeff Richards, Julie Newmar, Matt Mattox, Ruta Lee, Marc Platt, Norma Doggett, Jacques d’Amboise, Virginia Gibson, Tommy Rall, Betty Carr, Russ Tamblyn & Nancy Kilgas

Those familiar with this musical will continue to feel nostalgia about the singing and dancing despite this being a horrible example of misogyny and sexism in a pre-#MeToo Hollywood era.

Adam Pontipee (Howard Keel) is the eldest of seven brothers and decides it’s time to marry and bring home a cook and housekeeper. After marrying Milly (Jane Powell), his brothers decide it’s time for them to find wives too.

It’s good to remember that this film was made in a totally different time. The women are kidnapped and held hostage in hopes of them falling in love. It’s a messed up storyline.

However, you might be able to look past that with the incredible singing and dancing. The barn raising scene is perhaps one of the best dance scenes on film.

Final say: A great film from a sexist era. ★★★★☆

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