Film: To Kill a Mockingbird

Opened: December 25, 1962

Directed by: Robert Mulligan

Starring: Gregory Peck, Mary Badham, Phillip Alford, John Megna, Frank Overton, Rosemary Murphy, Ruth White, Brock Peters, Estelle Evans, Paul Fix, Collin Wilcox, James Anderson, Alice Ghostley & Robert Duvall

A classic film based off the classic novel by Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird is a triumph of storytelling and community relations in 1930s Alabama.

Siblings Jem (Phillip Alford) and Scout Finch (Mary Badham) and their friend Dill (John Megna) take interest in a mysterious man who lives nearby named Boo Radley (Robert Duvall). At the same time, their father Atticus (Gregory Peck) takes on a case defending a black man (Brock Peters) against the rape of a white woman (Collin Wilcox).

The performances in this film are inspiring. The three child actors all give great performances trying to figure out right and wrong as they grow. Peck is commanding as Atticus and impresses in his final court room scene.

Following the book, the storyline is fast paced and will have you holding your breath throughout.

Final say: Moving. ★★★★★

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