Book: Ordinary People

Originally Published: July 18, 1976

By: Judith Guest

 You never really know what’s happening in the lives of seemingly ordinary people.

After his brother dies in a boating accident he was also a part of, Conrad Jarrett tries to commit suicide. Now that he is out of the hospital, Conrad and his family try with difficulty to return to their ordinary lives. To try and help, Conrad seeks out help from a psychiatrist, Dr. Berger.

This is a deep novel with many layers to the relationships between the Jarrett family of three. After the loss of a son and brother, in addition to almost losing Conrad, no one is in the best shape emotionally. Going through this journey with them is tough and highly realistic.

There isn’t necessarily a happy ending, but it plays out as life does.

Final say: Dealing with grief is never easy. ★★★★★

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