Book: Pet Sematary

Originally Published: November 14, 1983

By: Stephen King

What if you could take what’s dead and bring it back to life? Would you do it even if they weren’t the same afterward?

Doctor Louis Creed moves his family to a small town in Main and meets longtime resident Jud Crandall. Jud urges Louis to bury the family cat just beyond the “Pet Sematary” when it gets hit in the road. When the cat returns from the dead, Louis wonders if the burial ground could have greater powers.

From start to finish, this novel is chilling. Author Stephen King does wonders with his character development, while also throwing in great moments of fear. You’ll find yourself fighting about whether you want Louis to continue back to the burial ground or not – because it might freak you out too much.

Final say: One of the most disturbing novels of all-time. ★★★★★

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