Music: Wake Up

Released: November 27, 2015

By: The Vamps

In their second studio album, The Vamps have grown a bit older and found their sound. Wake Up is a combination of great songwriting, spot-on musical talents and strong songwriting.

There’s something sweet about the songs that make you root for the boys in the band. The lead single “Wake Up” is about a guy who has always been there for a girl he loves, and he just wants her to realize that he exists. It’s relatable and arena ready with its scream-able lyrics.

At the same time, The Vamps also can dial down the sound and make softer music that’ll pull at your heart. “Million Words” is a song about lost love and everything that should’ve been said when they were together. The vocals sound emotionally drained and it makes it beautiful.

Final say: Pop heaven for fans. ★★★★☆

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