Theater: West Side Story – World Tour

Opened: January 18, 2017

Book by: Arthur Laurents

Music by: Leonard Bernstein

Lyrics by: Stephen Sondheim

World Tour Cast: Kevin Hack, Jenna Burns, Keely Beirne, Beau Hutchings, Waldemar Quinones-Villanueva, Dennis Holland, Michael Scott, Kenn Christopher, Eric Rolland, Joe Bigelow, Ryan P. Cyr, Daniel Russell, Logan Scott Mitchell, Andy Frank, Kyle Weiler, Julio Catano-Yee, Cameron Mitchell Jackson, Georgios Maniadis Metaxas, Nahum McLean, Matthew Ranaudo, A.J. Lockhart, Lauren Guerra, Jill Gittleman, Carley Ingold, Veronica Fiaoni, Natalia Sanchez, Natalie Ballenger, Kelsey Elisabeth Holley, Lauren Soto, Kayla Moniz & Nikki Croker

There is no show where dance matters more than West Side Story and it is beautifully executed in this new world tour.

Maria (Jenna Burns) and Tony (Kevin Hack) come from two different parts of town. As a Puerto Rican, Maria and her people are looked down upon with the men forming a gang called the Sharks. Tony was once head of the opposite gang, the Jets. Their love will prove too strong to keep them apart.

The fight choreography mixed with dance proves perfect right at the start of the show with the epic score by Leonard Bernstein in the background. While Author Laurents based the book off of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the storyline feels different with the race relations being the cause of the tensions between gangs.

Final say: Classic theater proves classic entertainment. ★★★★★

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