Theater: The Prom

Opened: November 15, 2018

Book by: Chad Beguelin & Bob Martin

Music by: Matthew Sklar

Lyrics by: Chad Beguelin

Original Broadway Cast: Brooks Ashmanskas, Beth Leavel, Christopher Sieber, Caitlin Kinnunen, Isabelle McCalla, Michael Potts, Angie Schworer, Courtenay Collins, Josh Lamon, Mary Antonini, Courtney Balan, Jerusha Cavazos, Shelby Finnie, Josh Franklin, Sheldon Henry, Fernell Hogan, Joomin Hwang, Becca Lee, Wayne Mackins, Vasthy Mompoint, Anthony Norman, Drew Redington, Teddy Toye, Kalyn West & Brittany Zeinstra

Full of heart and energy, The Prom is the teen LGBTQ musical that Broadway needed.

Four aging Broadway stars (Brooks Ashmanskas, Beth Leavel, Christopher Sieber & Angie Schworer) need some good publicity and decide to take on a small town in Indiana that’s preventing teen Emma (Caitlin Kinnunen) from taking her girlfriend to the prom.

This show is all about acceptance and greatly challenges those who oppose the LGBTQ community. In one of the best numbers of the show, “Love Thy Neighbor,” Trent (Sieber) challenges the teens of town with other condemnations from the Bible.

With songs by Matthew Sklar & Chad Beguelin, leads Ashmanskas, Leavel and Kinnunen are all able to shine in big numbers. The latter makes a name for herself, while the prior two continue to prove why they’re favorites.

Final say: Incredible fun for all. ★★★★★

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