Theater: Hamilton – Philip Tour

Opened: February 15, 2018

Book, Music & Lyrics by: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Philip Tour Replacement Cast: Ta’Rea Campbell, Marcus Choi, Elijah Malcomb, Joseph Morales, Shoba Narayan, Fergie L. Philippe, Kyle Scatliffe, Nyla Sostre, Jon Patrick Walker, Nik Walker, Tia Altinay, Conroe Brooks, Cameron Burke, Eean S. Cochran, Phil Colgan, Desmond Sean Ellington, Hope Endrenyi, Lili Froehlich, Daniel Gaymon, Pierre Jean Gonzalez, Jennie Harney-Fleming, Stephen Hernandez, Kristen Hoagland, Abby Jaros, Emily Jenda, Wonza Johnson, King David Jones, Carina-Kay Louchiey, Brandt Martinez, Taeko McCarroll, Tyler McKenzie, Justice Moore, Antuan Magic Raimone, Julian Ramos, Jen Sese, Willie Smith III, Kyle Weiler & Nikisha Williams

The worldwide phenomenon is still the hardest ticket in town to get.

During the American Revolution, Alexander Hamilton (Joseph Morales) emerges as a key founding father. George Washington (Marcus Choi) made him the first Secretary of the Treasury, while he made political opponents in Aaron Burr (Nik Walker) and Thomas Jefferson (Kyle Scatliffe).

All the hype that surrounds this show is spot on. Like the storyline it portrays, its revolutionary and changes the course of what musical theater could be. The diversity in actors and the hip-hop attached to a centuries old storyline make for a perfect show.

Definitely watch out for the female cast as well. All are incredible, but it’s Shoba Narayan as Hamilton’s wife Eliza Schuyler who steals the show. Her raw emotion, especially on “Burn,” will reduce you to tears.

Final say: A modern day masterpiece. ★★★★★

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