Music: The Band Perry

Released: October 12, 2010

By: The Band Perry

In their self-titled debut album, The Band Perry brings a fresh breath to country music with their songs of love and loss.

With lead vocals by Kimberly Perry and back-up vocals and various instruments by her brothers Reid and Neil, The Band Perry is a family affair. You can feel their connection in the music both with each other and with the songs, almost all of which they had a hand in writing.

Perhaps the most devastatingly beautiful song on the album – and in country music in general – is the single, “If I Die Young,” which was solely written by Kimberly. The song deals with the fear of a short life and what would happen to family members afterwards.

Other songs show the upbeat side of the band like lead single, “Hip to My Heart.”

FInal say: A promising debut. ★★★★☆

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