Music: Palo Santo

Released: July 6, 2018

By: Years & Years

With a sound that is all their own, Years & Years shines on their long-awaited sophomore album.

Coming three years after the release of Communion, “Palo Santo” is an interesting mixture of religion with gay love. The title of the album stands for “holy wood,” which is tongue in cheek but also a way to ward off bad spirits.

Lead singer Olly Alexander writes or co-writes all the songs on the album bringing a funky sound that is club-ready. One of the best songs is “All for You,” which is an upbeat song about going through a break-up. The lack of sadness is what makes it an anthem.

Alexander doesn’t shy away from sexuality, which makes the album easier to connect with. You can feel his passion in every lyric.

Final say: All for us. ★★★★☆

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