Film: Victor/Victoria

Opened: March 16, 1982

Directed by: Blake Edwards

Starring: Julie Andrews, James Garner, Robert Preston, Lesley Ann Warren, Alex Karras, John Rhys-Davies, Graham Stark, Peter Arne & Malcolm Jamieson

Giving an Oscar-nominated performance, Julie Andrews shines in a complex role that’s different from her most memorable ones.

Victoria Grant (Andrews) is down on her luck and can’t get a job as a singer until Toddy (Robert Preston) comes up with a ruse to have her impersonate a man playing a drag queen. When nightclub owner King Marchand (James Garner) takes an interest in Victor, he’s determined to prove he’s a she.

While the film doesn’t follow a musical style, the musical numbers are fantastic. Andrews shows off her vocal chops with beautiful performances from the costumes to the choreography.

The comedy is light and Andrews, Preston & Garner all give passionate performances. But it’s Lesley Ann Warren as King’s ditzy girlfriend who brings the biggest laughs of all.

Final say: This jazz is hot! ★★★★☆

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