Music: Holiday Wishes

Released: October 14, 2014

By: Idina Menzel

Riding on the heels of her Frozen fame and “Let It Go” success, Broadway veteran Idina Menzel released an album of Christmas classics.

With an unmistakable voice, Menzel shines throughout the album giving a new take to several favorites. Her rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” with Michael Bublé is playful, especially when she says the cigarette line and remarks laughably how she doesn’t smoke.

Menzel worked with Mariah Carey’s cowriter on “All I Want For Christmas Is You” to create a version closer to his original vision, which is great, but feels a bit like a cabaret performance.

Her voice does better when she can belt the ballads than when she’s doing the upbeat songs. Covering Joni Mitchell’s “River,” you can feel her emotion pour into the words.

Final say: A release that’s anything but frozen. ★★★☆☆

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