Book: The Great Gatsby

Originally Published: April 10, 1925

By: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sometimes there are stories full of passion and excitement that make their mark on the literary scene forever, and this is one of them.

Nick Carraway moves to West Egg and lives across from mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby. Gatsby throws lavish parties, but stays out of the spotlight. Nick becomes friends with Gatsby after being introduced by his cousin Daisy. Daisy and Gatsby have a complicated relationship, especially with Daisy’s husband Tom in the picture.

You can feel the 1920s roar through the pages in the novel. Fitzgerald writes with such flair that it’s hard to put the novel down once you start it. Many themes are explored through the novel including decadence, resistance to change and idealism, which is what makes it so lasting.

Final say: There may be too many iterations of “old sport,” but it’s a classic. ★★★★☆

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