Book: Take Me Out

Originally Published: August 6, 2003

By: Richard Greenberg

While I hope that this has changed 15 years after the release of this story, male athletes coming out of the closet can be an uncomfortable experience for both the person coming out and the team.

Baseball player Darren Lemming comes out of the closet while he is at the height of his career. Being mixed-race and gay, there’s a lot of talk in the locker room, both accepting and rejecting him.

The most memorable scene for me is when Darren is going to shower and another teammate makes comments about how he feels Darren will be looking at him in the shower. Darren has to actually explain how he’s not interested in him, just like straight men aren’t into every woman they see.

Final say: An interesting dive into the locker room. ★★★☆☆

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