Book: Carrie

Originally Published: April 5, 1974

By: Stephen King

The debut novel from horror legend Stephen King, Carrie continues to thrill readers to this day.

When Carrie White has her period for the first time in a high school locker room, she is frightened of the blood coming from her body. She starts to discover telekinetic powers that she uses against her enemies and mother, which leads to destruction on prom night.

The way King writes is absolutely incredible. The story is told from multiple points of view letting you learn about Carrie from the people around her, while also getting in the head of Carrie herself.

You’ll feel sympathy for the title character, but will get chills as she becomes more destructive. It’s actually a powerful story of bullying and the lengths it can push someone to.

Final say: A lasting horror classic. ★★★★★

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