Theater: Zombie Prom

Opened: March 26, 1996

Book & Lyrics by: John Dempsey

Music by: Dana P. Rowe

Original Off-Broadway Cast: Marc Lovi, Richard Muenz, Karen Murphy, Richard Roland, Rebecca Rich, Jeff Skowron, Stephen Stevens, Natalie Toro, Cathy Trien, Jessica-Snow Wilson & Ronit Mitzner 

Though the storyline is corny at best, Zombie Prom is an upbeat show that’s family friendly.

Jonny Warner (Richard Roland) throws himself into a nuclear power plant when his girlfriend Toffee (Jessica-Snow Wilson) breaks up with him. When he comes back as a zombie, all he wants to do is take Toffee to prom, but Principal Delilah Strict (Karen Murphy) bans him from the event.

The music and lyrics are extremely catchy. You’ll find yourself leaving the theater singing many of the songs, including “Jonny Don’t Go” and the titular “Zombie Prom.”

It’s clear that this show teeters on the line of over-the-top campy, and with the wrong cast, it could be a pain to sit through. But when the show is good, it’s outrageously fun.

Final say: It’s a party you’ll want to go to. ★★★☆☆

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